CBD For Anxiety

A mind-blowing week-long CBD coffee journey for my anxiety

Research shows that CBD has a host of potential benefits, including reducing anxiety, enhances the mental alertness induced by caffeine in coffee and reduces annoying side-effects like anxiety and jitters.

CBD or cannabidiol is being discussed by many experts in the field of medicine today. The CBD substance is extracted from the stem, flowers, and seeds of the cannabis plant; however, it is not a psychoactive compound – this is a common misconception.

In December 2017, the World Health Organization (WHO) made an official recommendation on CBD as a substance which is not to be internationally scheduled as controlled. It also confirmed that this cannabis compound could have therapeutic value.

Also, there have been some research endeavors that are looking into the possibility of CBD in the treatment of anxiety disorders.

As mentioned in the review on cannabidiol as a possible treatment for anxiety disorders, CBD’s potential to be a treatment for multiple anxiety disorders is considerable.

Another large study confirmed the benefits of CBD in treating anxiety. The study concluded that this cannabis compound could have benefits for patients with anxiety-related disorders.

From here, we can say that CBD is a promising substance with its other therapeutic and medical uses yet to be discovered.

CBD coffee: Give it a try!

Vis-a-vis the health benefits of CBD, there are different forms from which it can be ingested into the body.

The trend in using CBD nowadays is continuously evolving, from oils to tinctures, even to coffee and tea. Looking forward, there will inevitably be new CBD forms in the years to come.

Today, I added CBD to our favorite drinks. Have you tried CBD coffee? Will you get the same satisfaction as what we used to with our ideal old-time blend? How will your body react to it? What is the effect of the caffeine plus CBD in the coffee, knowing that CBD has soothing properties?

It’s ironic, but in my case, a cup of my favorite coffee—cappuccino—can comfort me whenever I feel anxious. I like this famous coffee blend, perhaps because of my Italian roots. Knowing a lot of health benefits about this cannabis compound, I wished to give it a try as well, and so I did for a week!

The 7-day trial period

My primary reason for this trial was to find a remedy for my anxiety disorder. Yes, I like coffee, but I also have a generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). Everyone is felting anxiety, but in my case, it is not the usual kind.

As someone with GAD, I always feel worried and afraid for no apparent reason. I still think of negative things about people, places, dates, events. These make me think, pessimist, restless, and irritable at work and at home.

For this reason, I experimented with the effect of CBD on me as I drink my stress-reliever, which happens to be coffee. I had questions in mind before the taking of CBD coffee because, as I read from the online Health Magazine, that caffeine is not suitable for individuals like me who are with anxiety. After all, drinking coffee might fuel our anxiety.

Despite the potential risk, I wanted to try it for myself to see the effects, and now, let me walk you through my week-long experience with CBD.

Woman drinking CBD coffee for anxiety

Day 1 – CBD coffee to keep me focused

It’s my first day trying CBD! I am just so excited. It’s the first day of work this week, and so I started my day with my personalized coffee blend, but this time I infused it with CBD.

Just like the 64% of American coffee-lovers, a cup of coffee can be an excellent start to a long day, and at-home preparation is still the best option as shown in the 72% survey result from the 3, 000 respondents.

Experiencing a lack of focus is common amongst persons like me who suffer from GAD. The excellent combination of caffeine and CBD should help me out with my tasks for CBD and coffee, both improve concentration and focus. With this, a cup of joe with CBD will keep me on-task for my things-to-do in the office.

The hours at work were not enough, and so at the end of the day, I brought two folders of work home with me. For this reason, I ended up having my second cup of coffee with two drops of CBD oil at 9 PM so that I could continue with my work.

I noticed that I was more focused on doing my tasks, and so I was able to finish more. Thanks to CBD coffee!

Day 2 – I’m overworked…CBD coffee to the rescue

As usual, I drank a cup of my CBD-infused coffee before going to the office. I picked from the CBD recipes I googled and decided to try a CBD-infused latte. I felt fresh and ready to conquer the files on my desk.

At the end of Day 2… Tasks were not all accomplished! I started to feel anxious, for I was not successful in targeting my goals for this day, and I feel so tired and exhausted.

When I heard my office mates’ plan to unload some of the pressure at work, I suggested the coffee shop downtown. With my CBD Macchiato at this relaxing place, I enjoyed the company of my friends, and for this, I thank CBD for rescuing me today. It indeed increased my energy level.

Day 3 – My CBD coffee, my stress-reliever!

It’s midweek, and my anxiety is getting worse because of the deadlines. Just halfway done with my tasks. It causes some worries in me already, and my fear of not being able to meet the target deadline had started to build up.

With this, I increased my CBD intake and added some more drops this morning to my Keto CBD Coffee. The day went well except for the fact that I had to make overtime and went home at 8 PM. On my way, I felt frustrated with my hands wet already with sweat.

It is a sign that my anxiety is attacking me again, and so I went straight to my favorite cafe amid the city and ordered my fave cappuccino. Before midnight, I felt nauseous and dizzy. I attributed this to the increased CBD dosage I took for this day.

Day 4 – CBD coffee, an anti-inflammatory?

The next day, I mentioned to my office mate that I am not feeling well. Knowing that she is into CBD tincture, she suggested having a dose of CBD coffee to treat the pain that I am experiencing at the moment.

Perhaps, she is right, for there was a study in 2012 that dwells on the possibility that inflammation can cause anxiety. Still, I am a bit worried that I could have CBD overdose if I have another cup of CBD infused coffee today.

Today, I did not put any CBD into my body.

Day 5 – A sip of CBD for a brain-drained me

It’s the last day of work, and really, it’s draining me. It is the effect of GAD. I always feel unaccomplished. Because of this, I had CBD Bulletproof coffee early in the morning, a 3in1 coffee mix with CBD at noon break, and I also had another cup before the day ended.

All the while, I thought this would be good, for I read that CBD coffee can increase the functions of the brain, and it protects our neurons. I was wrong, for indeed, CBD can have side effects, if not you are not careful with the right dose.

Day 6 – Yes to CBD, no to sleepless nights!

I was work-free today, but I had several appointments on this particular day— visit my doctor, friend meet-up, and grocery trip. GAD is really with me. I was weary during the weekdays, and I planned to sleep during the day but to no avail.

I could not shut my eye, and so I had a dose of my CBD coffee, and this time it’s Peppermint Chocolate Espresso -as I used my CBD Tincture Mint 1000mg. It was a good move, for I was able to sleep the whole afternoon soundly. Indeed, CBD coffee can help you have improved and increased sleep hours.

Day 7 – CBD coffee: The verdict!

The last day and the judgment day! With my week-long CBD coffee experience, I can say that it is useful for my GAD. CBD coffee was able to suppress some anxiety symptoms in me.

It can also be a potential treatment for other anxiety disorders. However, the correct dosage must be measured to prevent yourself from suffering from its side effects.

You can be creative with taking your CBD coffee at home by just dosing your favorite cup of coffee with a few drops of CBD or have a dose of your favorite cup of CBD in fancy coffee shops.

If you are in the US, try coffee shop hopping to find the best CBD coffee blend in town! This way, you get to enjoy the aroma of coffee and the health benefits of CBD for your anxiety.

So try it for yourself!

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