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CBD: new skincare wonder

Numerous studies have shown that CBD hemp oil has anti-inflammatory benefits when applied to skin. This makes CBD a suitable ingredient for a skin care, while its calming benefits help reactive skin look and feel better.

With all the new beauty regimens continually being introduced to enhance our physical look, CBD skincare is making a scene.

The Hemp plant contains compounds with therapeutic properties and is very promising to help improve our physical beauty. Additionally, it can provide remedies to help treat many skin diseases.

As you read further, you’ll discover the wonders of the Hemp plant and its potential as a great product within the skincare industry.

Relaxing man having his cannabis hemp skin care routine

The nature of CBD

Hemo comes from different plant species, which include the Hemp plant and Marijuana plant. It has approximately 400 different compounds. 60 from the 400 compounds are being considered for medicinal purposes. We classify these 60 unique compounds like cannabinoids and one of which is cannabidiol.

Cannabidiol or CBD has many health benefits and presents no side effects when taken in isolation. Because it is a non-psychoactive compound, CBD has now become legal in the many U.S States.

Following its legalization, we have produced it in different forms such as tinctures, edibles, e-liquids, oils, capsules, and topicals.

The nature of the skin

The skin is our largest organ, and it works to provide protection and sensation. It protects our body from temperature variations, mechanical impacts, radiation, and chemicals.

As an organ for sensation, it plays a vital role in detecting and relaying changes happening in the surrounding environment. As a result, this organ is continuously being enhanced by technological and medical interventions like cosmetics and therapies.

There are also external factors that affect the skin’s health, including age, diet, medication, environmental factors, lifestyle, stress, genetics, and health care.

CBD and the skin

External factors may cause skin problems that may affect our health and our lifestyle. Because of this, there have been many efforts that aim to find the best treatment for them, and we have discovered the hemp plant to be one of them.

The National Eczema Association has already observed that cannabinoids have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-itch properties. These cannabis compounds represent many possibilities for atopic dermatitis (AD) therapy.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, the skin condition which is most common in the U.S is acne. They conducted a study in 2014, and it revealed that the therapeutic agent in CBD, which is one of the cannabinoids in the hemp plant, is promising in treating acne vulgaris.

Also, CBD supports the natural healing of the skin, and it is effective and safe for all skin types. It is also an antioxidant, which means it can help in counteracting the signs of aging.

CBD in skin care and treatment

Different cannabis hemp new skin care wonder products

The skincare and treatment industry is increasingly using CBD as an ingredient in various products. It is being used as a topical wherein the oil is being combined with skin products like lotion, salve, balm, and cream. It is also being used for massages in oil form.

Undoubtedly, CBD is the most famous cannabinoid used in skincare and treatment, and it contributes so much to the rising popularity of the Hemp plant. A report from Future Market Insights suggested that CBD consumption will be high in cosmetics because of its restorative and anti-aging properties.

This cannabinoid is also available in various skin care products such as serums, creams, moisturizers, sunscreens, and massage oil. These CBD products can boost the hydration of the skin, which is essential for people with eczema, psoriasis, and skin dryness.

A few famous people who are into CBD for skin care

As mentioned, Future Market Insights reported that there is a growing consumer interest among CBD skincare products, especially CBD. They also stated that it is the largest market for CBD skin care services and products in North America.

Undeniably, the popularity of CBD is booming even among celebrities. To name a few, these are some of the celebrities who are endorsing CBD products.

Before Mandy Moore walks in the middle of the red carpet, she applies CBD lotion. This is to ease the pain in her feet for a long night ahead, and now, she is also trying CBD oil for the same purpose.

Kim Kardashian confessed that she is hooked to CBD salves and that she uses different CBD products to help with her psoriasis.

Gwyneth Paltrow popularizes the use of CBD in the beauty and wellness industries through her website.

Olivia Wilde is also using CBD lotion for her feet, and she discovered it through her friends in LA.

Aside from the relief in wearing high-heeled shoes, Stacy London found CBD lotion to be useful for a dry skin condition like psoriasis and eczema.

A personal experiment of a person with psoriasis

Due to hemp taking center stage in skincare products, there are those with skin problems who would like to try it for themselves. Anika had been suffering psoriasis for the past 5 years, and she has tried many topicals already to treat it.

It is only now that she knows of the wonders of cannabinoids and, in particular, CBD. “I’ve been looking for the best skin product that would help me with my psoriasis.”

Different dermatologists made several prescriptions but to no avail,” she mentioned. Her new-found friend suggested CBD to her while they were both waiting for their turn at their dermatologist’s office.

Anita excitedly said, “I was reluctant to try CBD because it comes from the hemp plant, but I am glad I gave it a try. I can now manage my psoriasis better using CBD cream, and there’s no ‘high feeling’.”

Online stores have been the right avenues to find an array of different CBD skincare products. Anika has been using Healspire CBD Relief Rub for a month now, and it has provided her with a satisfying result.

Choosing the best skin care for you

To have the desired effect of CBD skin products, we can consider the following tips.

  • Do not buy cheap CBD skincare products.
  • Pay attention to the product labels, especially the CBD content.
  • Look for brands that are not putting random isolates in cosmetic products but are conducting in-depth research to offer the best to the customers.
  • Get the Certificate of Analysis (COA) to ensure that a third party tested the product.
  • Know the batch number of the product to match it with the COA.
  • Find also, the Microbiological Testing result in the COA to ensure that there was no bacteria or mold used during the production.

Final thoughts

We must invest in taking good care of our skin since it is the largest organ in our body and is the organ that is always on the show to the world.

Through the discovery of the non-psychoactive compound in the hemp plant, there is a high demand to discover the potentials of cannabinoids further to give many possibilities for the improvement of skin-care services and products.

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