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CBD oil for migraines: Is it really effective?

Research on CBD oil for migraine is limited, but some evidence suggests that it may help relieve chronic or acute pain. Find out yourself.

Have you ever experienced severe migraines that interfere with your ability to work and enjoy your daily routine?

If so, have you ever encountered CBD oil in your search for a solution? If not, you’ll discover by reading this article why this cannabis compound is an excellent treatment for migraines.

You will come to know that CBD has promising potential to relieve the hours of pain brought upon by migraines.

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CBD oil overview

Cannabidiol or CBD is one among 60 cannabinoids unique to the cannabis or marijuana plant. Though CBD comes from the cannabis plant, it contains no psychoactive properties. It is derived from the plants’ stalks, seeds, and flowers and will not cause you to get ‘high’ once consumed.

CBD comes in different forms, and these include:


CBD oil is available in tincture form. You use the tincture by putting a few drops under your tongue. You need to hold it in your mouth for a few seconds before swallowing.


Second, it may be available in spray form. Just like tinctures, sprays go under the tongue and stay for a while to have better and faster absorption.


Third, you can buy CBD in the form of capsules. CBD oil in capsule form comes in different doses, and you can take them up to 3 times a day. Ultimately, the dosage depends on the severity of your pain.


Finally, topicals can come in the form of creams, salves, gels, and lotions. You can apply them directly to your skin to ease the pain in your head. However, you must ensure that you follow the directions on the product label.

Migraine overview

As classified by the World Health Organization (WHO), a migraine is a headache disorder that mainly affects individuals 35 to 45 years of age. They are usually common among women because of the influences of their hormones.

The cause of migraines is the activation of a mechanism deep in the brain, which results in the release of the pain-producing substances around the blood vessels and nerves of the head.

As a result, migraines are recurrent and often attack for a long period, usually around 2-3 hours. It is also characterized by nausea, and physical activities can aggravate it.

The frequency of attack is unpredictable, for it can attack once a year or as often as once a week. Usually, the attack among children is shorter compared with adults. However, it is most troublesome during the productive years of a person.

Overall, migraines are a public health concern associated with disabilities, which can even result in a financial cost to society.

What research say on CBD oil for migraines

CBD oil has properties that make it a potential relief for migraines. These properties include having potent analgesic properties or acting as a natural pain reliever and the ability to prevent nausea. It also has anti-inflammatory properties.

To support the mentioned properties, there are some studies that link cannabinoids and CBD oil to migraines, and these are as follows.

  • A study conducted in 2012 discovered the antiemetic properties of cannabinoids. The study stated that it could control nausea and vomiting.
  • A study in 2012 revealed that CBD could suppress inflammatory and neuropathic pain among rodents.
  • They proved the analgesic potential of cannabinoids in a study conducted that revealed that it could relieve severe pain.
  • A study in 2016 found that there was a decrease in the frequency of migraine headaches upon using medical marijuana.
  • There was also a recent study in 2018 which revealed that cannabinoids have various therapeutic benefits, especially in pain, which links to migraines.
  • A study that tried to identify the emerging role of cannabinoids in migraines concluded that it has a promising compound that can treat migraine’s pain. Cannabinoids possess anticonvulsive, antiemetic, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory properties of cannabinoids.
CBD oil for migraine in a glass jar

Using CBD oil for migraine

There are only a few studies that can, in particular, prove the effectiveness of CBD oil for migraine treatment because it has not yet been studied formally.

To clarify the health benefit of CBD for migraines, American Migraine Foundation interviewed Dr. Stephen Silberstein. Dr. Silberstein is at Jefferson University Hospital, and he is the director of the Headache Center.

First, he mentioned that CBD could work locally, and if we take it orally, it will not cause intoxication. Dr. Silberstein recommended using this cannabis compound in treating neck pain or soreness. He also gave reminders to those who would like to try CBD oil for migraines.

Second, he advised that your doctor must know that you are taking CBD and that adolescents must avoid it because it can affect the development of the brain.

Finally, he also talked about the lack of regulations regarding the use of cannabinoids. People who use CBD for migraines must ensure that they avail pure CBD products.

Most likely, we can find pure CBD oil where the cannabis compound is legal. To avoid adverse health effects and legal issues, we advise you to ask for the guidance of health practitioners.

In addition to what was stated by Dr. Silberstein, CBD oil users are not complaining about any negative effects of this cannabis compound.

More so, Migraine Treatment Centers of America is seeing the potential in CBD oil for migraine treatment. The research that they have been doing shows positive results in the connection between CBD and migraines.

The path that leads between the connection of CBD oil for migraines is getting brighter. The two recent studies on cannabinoids which focused on the healing properties of cannabinoids and concern the emerging role of cannabinoid in treating migraines are substantial foundations in proving that CBD can have medical benefits.

Final thoughts

We have not explored CBD oil as a treatment for migraines in great depth. Considering the many health benefits of CBD and the four properties that link it to migraines, it has excellent potential to be a valid treatment option.

We must conduct formal studies to find the potential of this part of the cannabis plant in relieving migraines, which is a public health concern.

Finally, future research endeavors would also aim to identify the correct dosage and formulation to give the most effective treatment for those who have been suffering hour-long headaches.

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